These are the members of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education Caucus. The STEM Ed Caucus is co chaired by Representatives Lipinski (D-IL), Davis (D-CA), Hanna (R-NY) and Hultgren (R-IL).

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If you would like to join or learn more about the STEM Education Caucus, please contact Scott Gutierrez (Rep. Lipinski) at or Jodi Peterson,


 House Caucus Member State Party
Barber, Ron AZ D
Barletta, Lou PA R
Benishek, Dan MI R
Brady, Robert PA D
Braley, Bruce IA D
Brownley, Julia CA D
Calvert, Ken CA R
Capito, Shelley Moore WV R
Capps, Lois CA D
Capuano, Michael MA D
Carson, Andre IN D
Cicilline, David RI D
Cleaver, Emanuel MO D
Clyburn, James SC D
Coffman, Mike CO R
Conyers, John MI D
Courtney, Joe CT D
Crowley, Joseph NY D
Davis, Susan CA D
Dent, Charles PA R
Deutch, Theodore FL D
Doggett, Lloyd TX D
Eshoo, Anna CA D
Fitzpatrick, Michael PA R
Forbes, Randy VA R
Foster, Bill IL D
Fudge, Marcia OH D
Gerlach, Jim PA R
Goodlatte, Bob VA R
Green, Al TX D
Green, Gene TX D
Grijalva, Raul AZ D
Hall, Ralph TX R
Hanna, Richard NY R
Higgins, Brian NY D
Hinojosa, Ruben TX D
Holt, Rush NJ D
Honda, Mike CA D
Hultgren, Randy IL R
Israel, Steve NY D
Johnson, Eddie Bernice TX D
Kaptur, Marcy OH D
Keating, William MA D
Kennedy, Joseph MA D
Kind, Ron WI D
Langevin, James RI D
Larson, John CT D
Lee, Barbara CA D
Levin, Sander MI D
Lewis, John GA D
Lipinski, Dan IL D
Loebsack, David IA D
Lofgren, Zoe CA D
Lujan, Ben Ray NM D
Lynch, Stephen MA D
Maloney, Carolyn NY D
Matheson, Jim UT D
Matsui, Doris CA D
McCarthy, Carolyn NY D
McCaul, Michael TX R
McGovern, James MA D
McIntyre, Mike NC D
McKeon, Buck CA R
McMorris-Rodgers, Cathy WA R
McNerney, Jerry CA D
Meeks, Gregory NY D
Moran, Jim VA D
Neal, Richard MA D
Norton, Eleanor Holmes DC D
Nolan, Rick MN D
Olson, Pete TX R
Peters, Scott CA D
Posey, Bill FL R
Peterson, Collin MN D
Price, David NC D
Reichert, Dave WA R
Rogers, Mike MI R
Royce, Ed CA R
Ruppersberger, Dutch MD D
Sablan, Gregorio NMI D
Sanchez, Linda CA D
Schiff, Adam CA D
Schwartz, Allyson PA D
Serrano, Jose NY D
Smith, Adam WA D
Takano, Mark CA D
Tiberi, Patrick J. OH R
Tsongas, Niki MA D
Upton, Fred MI R
Van Hollen, Chris MD D
Waxman, Henry CA D
Wolf, Frank VA R





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